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Paying it Forward

...I will plan to commit to providing more dresses to young ladies...”

Prom/Grad season was approaching. I was on the hunt for two dresses for my little Miss.  A dress for her formal in Quebec and one for her graduation. The two that my girlfriend had brought over for her did fit her and was not what she was looking for. Then it hit me. A friend of mine Rayon, runs a boys and girls program. I sent him pictures of the two dresses and asked him if he knew of any ladies that might want or need a dress for grad. Right away he replied that he had two young ladies in mind. The next day I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could provide dresses for more young ladies. I started going through my stash and found a few. Some that I had scheduled to sell. I also called my girlfriend Renee and asked her if she had anything she would like to donate. Of course she did. She's a bit of a shopaholic like myself. So within a day I had about 10-15 dresses that Rayon would be able to give to young ladies. I was so happy. I wanted to surprise him. I had the opportunity to meet the two young ladies. He had arranged for them to meet with me . They did not know that they were going to have an even bigger selection of dresses. It was such a good feeling helping the girls choose the dress, helping the try on. They were really excited and appreciative. After the girls choose their dresses. I told Rayon that next year I will plan to commit to providing more dresses to young ladies but what I would really love to do is choose one that has improved/excelled in school or just in her community. I would style that one young lady from head to toe for her graduation. Get her hair done, makeup and her style her for her special day.

Im glad God has blessed me with this talent and I want to be a blessing to others.

Love Life Stylin.

Posted: June 16,2014

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