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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

"A BIG BIG Thank you to all my family and friends who came out to celebrate and support me at Stylinhead2toe's one year anniversary."

Note Of Thanks & Appreciation

Max, thank you for providing a beautiful venue. You made sure everything was perfect. Tony thank you for playing the music at the event and creating the perfect ambiance. Thank you to my little stylinhead2toe helpers, Christina, Mya, Tashia, and my little mini-me Siarah. Lorreen, Thank you for taking over and making sure everything got organized and people were fed. I really appreciate you stepping in and taking charge.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU, to my sister Mureen for giving me the push to start Stylinhead2toe. Sister-girlfriend thank you for coming all this way to help me and to celebrate with me. Thanks to Tag for doing my first Leslieville flea market with me. Thanks for holding up that faulty rack all day.

Thanks to Mr. Rayal Carter for his continual words of encouragement and motivation and for bringing this website to life.

Thank you to my beautiful daughter Siarah for her words of encouragement and for being my first photographer and my biggest fan. Thanks to my other photographers Joanna, Frida, Marcia, and Michel. Michel and Sasha worked tirelessly for hours taking the pictures that you now see on the website.

Thank you to Issa Dabaneh for my fantastic business cards and banners.

Thank you to Sasha and Valerie for all their help with the website. Sasha you know I wouldn't have started the site if you hadn't taken your reading week and devoted all that time to get a great start on building the site.

Thanks to Leslieville Flea for all their support, for all the publicity that you have given me. I appreciate it soooo much. Thank you to my family for looking after my children when I have to do an event and for always encouraging me to keep at this. Thanks to my brother-in-law Stefan and my sister Michelle for racking their brains when we were trying to come up with a name for this company. Stef thanks for putting me on to WIX to build my site and for buying me my first table to put all my wares on. I LOVE YOU, buddy.

Thank you, Deborah. You, my dear, have been an amazing source of support and encouragement. You and I know all that you have done and continue to do for me. You found mannequins for me, I had to call you, "Deb I won't have money until Friday, can you come to pay for the mannequins and bring them home." You did not hesitate. LAWD, you are a true friend. Thanks to Renee for staying up to organize and price items with me and for working with me the entire day at the two biggest events I've done so far. You're still my Robin even though you have a man now and dash mi weh. LOL. He fine.....he worth it girl. Thank you to my beautiful models who took time out of their busy schedules to take the photos for the website. Judd, Dave, and Lindsey, you guys look amazing and bring the clothes to life. Jane Kwon, thanks for always giving me tips on different venues to check out, for loaning me your Judy, and for buying me the fanny pack that goes with me everywhere. It's the little things that count and I count ALL my blessings. To all those who from the start had faith in me, my sister Michelle, my parents, Kimmie, my sister's friend John.

Thank you to my newest supporters Rawle, Hazel & Ingrid. You have no idea how much your words have encouraged and motivated me. Lastly and most importantly, I thank GOD for giving me the courage, the drive, and the strength to pursue this amazing opportunity before me. BIG things are in store for me and my family. I thank GOD for placing some amazing people in my life to guide and support me.


Posted: June 21,2014

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