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Doing What I Love & Counting My Blessing

Its not just about always wanting to look good for me. Its also about wanting to make a difference in a persons life. Finding my purpose. Doing something good for someone and believe it or not  looking good sometimes allows people to feel good about themselves.

Design with ease

I realize I'm in the right place because of the positive feedback I get from those around me. You kind of expect or understand when your family and close friends support you. But when you get a perfect stranger verbalizing what they see in you or just simply doing nice things for you. You know you are blessed and giving off some positive energy.

One of my first and most memorable experience is a lady I met in one of my  "boutique stores" ;) I was looking at some items I wanted to buy and NO not for myself. I did however have a pair of leopard pumps in my hand that I liked. I tried them on. All I heard was " you need to get those. Those look amazing on you." They were super cute. I knew very well I had limited funds and the items I had in my hand to buy for were more of a priority. I proceeded to look at the items with this stranger. I narrowed them down to 3 items . That took up my budget. So I said to her "so now what do I do about these shoes". She said " heres what were gonna do about theses shoes. Im going to buy them for you." I looked at her. " Pardon" I said. " Im going to buy them for you. They were made for you. All I need from you is a penny" I said I don't have a penny but I have a loonie" " That will do she said" Just remember to pay it forward she said. All I could say was " Thank are so kind"  Did I mention I have never seen this woman in my life. I have never had a perfect stanger do anything like that.  Since that I have had three more very heart warming situations. I had a young man come to an event as the doors opened. He came right to my booth and said my name is so and so and I follow you on Instagram. I just wanted to let you know you have amazing style. He proceeded to tell me he runs a store in Kensington market. Let me tell you that made my day.  That same day, this gentleman was shopping with his wife and daughter. He stood beside me as I stood just across from my booth. He said to me. Ive been watching you. You have amazing rapport with your customers. Your not pushing and you are seem truly genuine.He also complimented me on set up and display of my booth. Finally. I was working another event. The day was not going well at all in terms of sales.  I had time to kill so I was looking at some clothing another vendor across from me had for sale. She had two beautiful suits.  I tried one on. I bought it right away. It was ridiculously priced and all I was thinking of is what I could sell it for. Later on I tried on another dress. It too looked good on me but I left it alone. At the end of the day the lady brought the dress over to me and said "This is for you" "It looked perfect on you and I want you to have it." Again I was shocked but thankfully accepted the gift.

My coworkers tell me that I motivate them to try harder to work on their appearance. I get asked for advice frequently and its an amazing feeling. I encourage people to embrace the skin they are in. Work on the things they can and want to change. Accentuate the positives, because we all have positive features.

God is good. We are blessed, we just have to realize it and embrace our blessings

Posted: June 16,2014

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